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Ag Science IIS Project 2022

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

1. What's it all about?

The Ag Science project is officially known as the Individual Investigative Study (IIS) and is done by each student on their own, there's no option for a group project. The old 'farm project' that once was is now gone, in its place is a research and experiment based task.

Students have roughly a year to complete this task and my advice is for students to get this out of the way in 5th year. The project will officially be due in the April of sixth year. Each cohort of students will be set a 'theme' for their IIS set by the State Exams Commission (SEC), they're the people that set all exams for the Junior and Leaving Certificate. For the 2022 gang, it's 'Supporting conservation of the environment through Irish Agricultural practice'.

The main tasks for students are:

  1. Pick a research question and enterprise to study.

  2. Develop an overall research question. This question gives the focus of your whole project and it MUST BE RELATED TO THE THEME! Design an experiment, or multiple experiments, to answer that research question.

  3. Carry out your experiment(s) and record your results.

  4. Analyse and evaluate your results.

  5. Make comparisons between your results and other similar studies (secondary data).

  6. Make conclusions based on your findings - and relate this back to your overall research question.

2. Ag Science IIS Project Brief - 2022 The Theme Explained

It's important that your topic, question and hypothesis address the theme for the IIS; supporting conservation of the environment through Irish Agricultural practice.

Ag Science Project Brief 2022
Download PDF • 199KB

Conservation is the wise management of our existing natural resources to protect them for future generations.

The focus for this project is to find out what can farmers in Ireland do to support conservation.

Some main areas that could be investigated:

  • Hedgerow management

  • Water pollution

  • Soil erosion

  • Biodiversity of plants and animals

  • Pollinators

  • Energy usage

  • Greenhouse gas emissions

When you select your main theme, you should then narrow down what you would like to investigate within this.

3. The Report

So you've done your experiments, now what?

You need to type up your IIS project in the official reporting booklet. It should be written using Word/Docs/Pages etc. This will then be sent to the SEC to be corrected by examiners for your Leaving Certificate grade.

IIS Project 2022 Booklet PDF
Download PDF • 199KB
IIS Project Booklet 2021
Download DOCX • 58KB

Read the information in the booklet carefully. Below are the marks allocated for each section.

4. Where to get more help

Our Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science Individual Investigative Study Project Guide includes:

  • Updated with more guidance and content!

  • A step by step guide on how to complete your project and achieve 25% of your LC Ag Science grade.

  • Top tips and student friendly activities included.

  • Specifically designed for 6th year students - 2022 project theme of 'Conservation'.

  • Learn how to get started, what you need to write in each section of your report, how to reference and how to gain marks.

  • Our Guide takes you from writing your question and hypothesis to concluding your investigation.

Best of luck to all Ag Science students!

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